Hall Sound system

The hall sound system is a four channel sound mixer contained in a wheeled case for easy storage and security The sound system  provides easy to use facilitates for playing music from cd / usb stick. There is also a handheld radio microphone system as well as connection for a laptop/ipod or phone.


The hall  has a wall mounted projector, 2500 lumens, with plugin connection point for laptop and a pull down 6ft wide screen mounted on opposing wall.

Tables & Chairs

There are 10  'Go-Pak'  1.8m folding tables and 60 chairs


The kitchen is equipped with crockery, glasses and tea towels.  However, for large parties we recommend that users bring their own.

There are cooking facilities, oven, grill and a four ring hotplate.  In addition we have a tea urn but there is no fridge.