Traffic Safety at St Marks

St Marks road is a cul-de-sac and at busy times there can be congestion.

The Trustees of the Centre asks all users and visitors to please observe the following:-

  • encourage walking and cycling to the Centre wherever possible and only drive into the road where it's essential to do so.

  • keep speed to a minimum and be aware of pedestrians, particularly small children. 

  • drop off and pick up in marked bays only and don't occupy these for any longer than is absolutely necessary. 

  • occupy the bays considerately so spaces are maximised, please do not block the residents driveways.
  • when dropping off/picking up, please make sure your car isn't blocking the road or residents’ driveways,  an alternative drop off area is situated at the bottom of the Holloway at the western end of the alleyway by the Centre.  

  Thank You