Welcome to the Trustee and Management Page

Our Community Centre is a registered charity and run entirely by volunteers, providing a venue for a range of activities to the community of Widcombe and the wider neighbourhood of Bath. 

The centre is used by a wide range of special interest groups from dance and theatre, to dog training, as well as for private parties and local resident events.

The long term running of the centre is overseen by Trustees who meet twice a year to discuss strategic issues, meet the requirements of the Charity Commission and ensure that the building remains an asset to the local community. 

The day to day Management Team who meet bi-monthly, consist of representatives from the user groups and local reps. The team looks after the booking calender, the immediate needs of the regular users and ensures that the centre remains available to the casual user.

If you require more information about our centre, or perhaps get involved, then please email 



Thank you 

Chris Jones, 
Chair St Marks